Writers and Their Creative Outlets

Let Your Creativity SoarAs writers, we’re creative. Our muses love words and help us get stories onto a page.

If your muse is like mine, it enjoys exploring other creative outlets. There’s something about doing a different type of creative activity that can enhance creative energy. Being creative in more than one area of our lives can enable us to use creative energy throughout our day.

I feel that my writing improves when I do something that requires the right side of my brain. Some creative ventures lead to new story ideas, others help with a work in progress.

I find it’s all about being in the moment of creating something that enables the muse to jump up and down with excitement and churn the creative pot.

Here are some other-than-writing creative outlets I have tried:

  • Pottery – I have to mention this first because it’s the one thing I can think back on and still laugh about. I was not at all graceful like Demi Moore’s character in “Ghost”. Not even close. No matter how much I focused or how much water I used, or how much I begged the clay to ‘work with me’, I had nothing to show after my 6-week class. The hand print in plaster from kindergarten remains my best work in that area!
  • Soduko puzzles – addicted to these for years and I love the challenge of them. I can be stumped on an Easy puzzle and breeze through a Challenging one at times. It’s all how the creative connections are made at any particular time.
  • Musical instruments – I used to play the piano and guitar. I’m grateful for the lessons, the years of playing, and the challenges that came along with matching notes on a page to activities the hands and fingers were doing with how it sounded. (My fave music to play was jazz and blues.)
  • Photography and drawing – B&W film photography and pencil drawing gave me a lot of time with my muse. As I focused on turning what I saw with my eyes into a picture on photo paper or drawing paper had me doing a lot of introspective thinking about writing — what I think I write isn’t always what ends up on the page.

What creative outlets do you enjoy to keep your creative energy moving and flowing?

Lisa_2015Lisa J. JacksonΒ is an independent writer and editor who enjoys working with businesses of all sizes. She loves researching topics, interviewing experts, and helping companies tell their stories. You can connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

22 thoughts on “Writers and Their Creative Outlets

  1. I love how different types of creativity makes you think in different ways. I play piano, sing, draw, paint, photography and of course write. What I love is that while a lot of them have things in common there are times you have to think of them differently. Photography for instance, you focus on composition and light where for painting you also have to focus on texture and brush strokes.

  2. I envy you all! I started learning to play the piano a few years ago but had to give it up because of earning-my-living time constraints. Precious free time only gives for writing 😦

  3. I draw illustrations to accompany each of my writing pieces, mostly to enhance the story/point I’m trying to get across…I never considered that the drawing was also stimulating my creativity for the next attempt at writing, but that’s something new for me to consider! And a greater incentive to draw when I otherwise think I could skip it. Thanks for the perspective. πŸ™‚

  4. I too do a lot of creative things other than writing. I paint, write essays and poems, sing and make crafts. I am trying to play guitar too. I love creativity as it empowers us to do something great and big.

  5. Taking a hike, being on the water, listening to Johann Strauss, or sitting in the garden and seeing the beautiful flowers. It’s peaceful and allows my mind to be free and THEN creative ideas come to me. Basically quieting our brain. Great article — makes us all think how we can get back to being creative.

  6. Poetry is definitely one of them. Besides that, some photography, blogging, fiction. I used to mix music together just for fun using loops. Making up my own language! I believe it’s called a conlang. Need to keep it up though, got a little behind. Fun stuff!

    Thanks for the post

  7. Crocheting, sketching, pottery, and taking walks outside at night always help me calm my mind, especially after going on a writing spree. I enjoyed this and look forward to reading more of your posts!

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