Friday Fun – Favorite Thing About Back-to-School

Friday Fun is a group post from the writers of the NHWN blog. Each week, we’ll pose and answer a different, get-to-know-us question. We hope you’ll join in by providing your answer in the comments.

QUESTION: What’s your favorite thing about the back-to-school season?

JME5670V2smCROPJamie Wallace: Ahhh … it’s that time of year again – pristine notebooks, sharpened pencils, crisp folders, and a new learning adventure opening up like the stiff and shiny cover of a brand new textbook.

Of course, the kids don’t use many text books these days. Most of my daughter’s seventh-grade curriculum will be online. And much of her homework and classwork will also be digital. But, that doesn’t mean that we didn’t make a trip to the office store to indulge in some new supplies (including a few treats that weren’t on the official class list).

But, apart from my writer’s joy at having an excuse to acquire new pens and notebooks, my favorite part of the back-to-school season is how it always feels to me like a kind of unofficial New Year. While this summer feels to me like the summer-that-wasn’t, and  I won’t be catching any R&R any time soon, September still feels a little like a fresh start. As my daughter and I fall back into a regular routine and the weather starts to shift into an autumn gear, I always feel like I’ve got a chance at rebalancing my world. And that always feels good.

Lisa_2015Lisa J. Jackson: My favorite part of back-to-school-season is that it’s September and that feels more like the start of a new year than Jan 1. When in school, I used to love going back to school, I loved learning – still do! And what’s not to like about new clothes! And all the new notebooks and pencils and pens! It was all so fun and exciting for me. I’ll spend this month reviewing my business goals and setting myself up for a successful 2017.

Reading Jamie’s reply — wow, really? Everything is digital? I loved making book covers out of paper shopping bags and being able to doodle all over them. And reading pages of books. I’m even still old school in that I prefer reading paper pages versus digital. Do kids even need pens or pencils any more?


13 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Favorite Thing About Back-to-School

  1. I loved back to school for all of the above reasons. Although, after a few months the excitement always wore off and it was business as usual. My daughter Lilly is starting second grade, and she’s happy to be seeing old friends and making new ones. I’m happy, of course, because now I have more time to write!

  2. I loved going back to school because of all the new books that you got to buy and all the things they promised you would know in the end. Of course, I can’t remember most of the things I was supposed to have learned by now, but the feeling is there. I still get that feeling when I walk into a book store.

  3. I greatly enjoy back to school shopping. Getting the kids new school clothes and supplies. Letting them pick out a new backpack for the year so it’s something personal and meaningful. Making the year their own.

    My oldest is going into eight grade! That’s crazy to think that I’ve got a teenager! What was I thinking?

  4. School supplies!! definitely school supplies! Even though my children are finished college, I am still seduced into the school supply section of each store. I really do need some new pens…oh and those really cute notebooks….

  5. I have to say, I love that fresh morning smell. The morning temps are now in the high to mid sixties, and the humidity is a bit lower, and the school buses are running. It’s the season.

    Here’s one absolutely worthless fact: In the Fall of 1954, back when the school year in the south always started the day after Labor Day, I experienced my first day of school. Each and every Fall from that year up to my final year, Fall of 2012, I found myself in an institution of education–either as student or as teacher or as administrator (the last four).

    Fifty eight years of “going to school” in the Fall. Hmmm. I don’t miss it, but it’s hardly any surprise many of my characters are teachers! 🙂

  6. I get you and I am so like that about back to school. I don,t have any kids in the home but love to look at school and office things. For some reason I wish I had a Trapper notebook. or a data planner notebook.

  7. Ouch! I hate to be negative, but back to school in Rome means back to world-class early morning traffic jams to get to work that would make Dante proud, thanks to most kids being driven to school in non-pooled cars, and iPodded hugely backpacked teenagers cramming buses and subways 😦

  8. Friday fun has often made interesting reflective reading.Both JMie & Lisa touched on their favorites including back to school expectations and tLisa pointedly askof school kids still use pens and pencils these days.Hat s a big question in the digital age.I guess it Might encourage illiteracy if they grow into adults career people without these handy harmless weapons of stabilizing essential facts from superiors,Despite the triumph of the digital till date a trainer of AIM GLOBAL ,Medical Consultant from Philippine,Dr Butch and his earlier younger colleague Francis MIKO instructed that all leaders should bring their writing tools because no snapping will be permitted during the jam-pack online & product training sessions and it went well for the wise because the quotes of used to drive home points of becoming a successful MLM professional are very rarely known nor are they hitherto acquainted by town & gown in the AllianceIn Motion network Depending on a 21st century adult or millennial scientific ,artistic or commercial bent almost anyone will cope with their word or wisdom treasury with or without trade pen,Remember the huge monitor has been flattened to a ridiculously miniature board and the huge phone has Ben advanced to a amazingly powerful mobile handy tool with all e- media & the grandfather clock embedded in the smartphone, Teachers of all ages deserve praise however pedestrian some might have worked or taught what they have been taught too. It this century needs another set of teachers especially in developing countries that will not only teach formally the curricula but also detect,guide and manage the gifted child the genius among their peers,The likes of Steve Jobs,Bill Gates Thomas Alba Edison,the Aircraft brothers the two elect & elect students that originally toyed with and developed something akin to the yahoo Internet revolution and locally too here in Nigeria the drone s flyers! As Chinua Achebe the well-known Nigerian Professor in New York, story teller and Africa s most translated novelist said decades back i one Of His essays that It’s still morning yet in creation implying the sky is the limit from what is pending unwritten and I might personally add each writer ,pastor,political president,teacher,lover poet has many things Worth Reading yet unfurled,unconfessed in their lives! WHY NOT react to this view too to enrich the world s teachings and literature vis the cyber-world? Gbemi Tijani,PHF Ibadan 4/9/16 Ps forgive all errata because it’s an impromptu writing before alkaline coffee ! Sent from my iPad

  9. As a kid living in the pre-internet days, I loved back to school and school in general.

    As a mother to a 15 last Friday and a 12, I love that they’ve lived their lives school free thus far, and that the yellow bus I used to ride has no place in their lives. I love that the museums and bookstores and other places we enjoy will be a lot less crowded, so that we can browse and linger. I love that you don’t need to be in school to take advantage of back to school sales, because people here do use pens and pencils and paper quite a lot.

    And I love that we can enjoy that fresh fall air on a dawn walk, stay up all night if we want, and learn whatever suits each of us. It’s true I didn’t have much writing time when my kids were younger, but these days, they have their own passions (and they both write), so I have plenty of time for my own stories.

    I’m happy school’s there for those who want it, and happy that we all get to be here, traveling our intersecting orbits, for these last few years of my kids’ childhoods. I’ve always loved watching people learn, and these two are a treasure trove!

    And I think I need some new pens. =D

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