I am in Bouchercon this week. Bouchercon is the largest mystery conference in the world. It is a fan conference–so while there are hundreds of authors, there are even more fans. I am on the board of Sisters in Crime, and we have our annual meeting at Bouchercon as well. Conferences like Bouchercon are about celebrating the mystery genre.

Going to conferences as a published author is different than it was when I was starting out on this journey. At the beginning of my writing life, I went to every panel and took notes. The people on the panel were doing what I aspired to, and I had a lot to learn.

Now, I pick and choose my panels. I will attend panels to support friends. I also prefer interviews to panels–I enjoy the in-depth conversations about career arcs. I am still learning, but I am learning new things.

Conferences are also for networking. Agents, editors and publishers. They’re all here.Great opportunities to say hello, and build the network.

Conferences are also a chance to catch up with friends. As I travel down the path of publication, that is my favorite part of going to conferences. Catching up.

Sorry for the short post, but today I am going into a Sisters in Crime workshop about writing our differences. A future blog post.

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