Friday Fun – Spooky Beginnings

Friday Fun is a group post from the writers of the NHWN blog. Each week, we’ll pose and answer a different, get-to-know-us question. We hope you’ll join in by providing your answer in the comments.

QUESTION: This Friday, we’d like to turn the tables and have you respond – with Halloween approaching, let’s give your spooky writing skills a nudge.  



In the comment section, submit your best opening lines to this story.



7 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Spooky Beginnings

  1. With the birth of his miracle child, Chucky knew that he would have to step up and be the father he never had. It was fate he passed the mechanics shop just as the help wanted sign went up. He had been down to the last plastic doll bottle. Being a single father wasn’t easy or cheap. So he learned the mechanic’s trade as he went. If a fix went wrong, he just took the customer for a “test drive” and they never made another complaint. Chucky made sure of it.

  2. He sat on the engine, red hair exploding out of his skull as if wisps were attempting to grasp at the soul he would soon remove from the patron’s body. He had grown up, and through the multiple movies he had been subject of, Chucky found it hard to find a job. A manager in a small town gave him a job as a mechanic. He was, after all, handy with tools. On top of that his laugh and smile were infectious. Tony Whitehall arrived to check out the work that was done on his car. As he turned the corner and looked into the engine block, Chucky met his stare. Tony felt as though he was being inspected from within; a chilling feeling ran down his spine.

    “Come look in here,” Chucky whispered.
    “It doesn’t look like much has been…”

    As Tony recognized that lack of work that was completed, Chucky launched himself from the engine block, caught the hook holding up the hood, and dropped the large slap of metal on top of Tony’s neck.


  3. The doll sat there, not moving while my eyes were on it. The tools shimmered in the sun, stainless and clean.

    Where did that blood come from?

    I licked the sweat pooling above my lip, muscles aching as I braced, ready to defend myself. It was a staring contest I knew I wouldn’t win. Where was a cat when you needed one?

  4. Grr….., and the door opened. It was a really dirty door, Anna had to say. This house was for sale and she was thinking of buying it but yuck, what was that smell. Baam! and the door closed behind her. She was shaking. She walked a step towards the stairs and a high pitch sound met her ears “Go away stranger, this house is not yours” It sounded like someone was scratching their fingernails on the blackboard. I ran towards the door and it was closed and then I felt some liquid fall on my neck. I touched it and was blood, Red, fresh blood!!!

  5. Charles had always loved working on that old Pontiac. The weight of the screwdriver in his hand, the click of his ratchet as he tightened bolts. Today was different though, he felt uncomfortable, his eye itched, and even his overalls just didn’t seem to fit right. He knew something was wrong as the calendar drew them both closer to All Hallow’s Eve…

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