Building Confidence As a … Writer (4)

Welcome to week four of the series on building confidence as a writer. We’ve covered early morning feel good, daily writing, and eating for energy.

Now let’s talk about expecting success.

Think of it as the “act as if…” mindset. If you want to succeed and can envision it and feel it within yourself, you’ll turn every thought, comment, and action into a reflection of that expectation throughout your day.

Pay attention to self-doubt and negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.

These aren’t only thoughts about yourself, but also words you say to others.

expect-successSee how quickly your attitude can change by eliminating statements that start with: I can’t / I don’t / I won’t / I’ll try, but..

And replacing them with:

  • I can
  • I do
  • I will
  • I’ll try, and also
  • I’m ready

Here’s a simple positive, encouraging, fun thing I do — a couple of years ago I read about a ‘Compliment Jar’. Every time a person received a compliment – personal or business – she wrote it on a slip of paper and put it in the jar.

Then if she needed a boost, she could reach into the jar, randomly pick out a piece of paper and read the compliment. Hearing (or reading) positive and encouraging words from someone you know (friend, client, co-worker, spouse, son, daughter, neighbor, etc.) is a great way to get back into the mindset of expecting your success. 

I have a little decorative box with a lid that I keep my compliments in, and they end up being written on whatever I have on hand, so even inside the box seems decorative with different colors and textures and types of paper.

I write the compliment along with the date and the person who said/wrote it to me. It’s amazing how powerful a compliment can be, and we all need a reminder sometimes.

Focusing on the success you want, and minimizing negative thoughts and words to others can keep you moving forward. When you do something that opposes your idea of success, you will feel uncomfortable, out of sorts, and a bit awkward – you’ll know you are out of alignment with your goals.

Do your best to focus on your goal of success, and take care to note when you feel yourself stepping off the path. The more aware you are of your thoughts and actions, the quicker you can get back on track.

Expect success. I know you can achieve it!

Lisa_2015Lisa J. Jackson is an independent writer and editor who enjoys working with businesses of all sizes. She loves researching topics, interviewing experts, and helping companies tell their stories. You can connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

16 thoughts on “Building Confidence As a … Writer (4)

  1. A compliment jar … That’s a good one I usually just keep them in my notes somewhere on the side. It definitely works when I feel I can’t even get on the right track. All you need is a small shift. Thanks for posting.

  2. One of my very first bosses encouraged me to keep a ‘compliments folder.’ When I run across it now and then when I’m looking for something else, I smile. It reminds me of people whom I’ve forgotten and situations that have slipped my mind. You never get too old or experienced to appreciate being told you did a good job, Great idea to share with others, Lisa!

  3. I love this idea of a complements jar. When you stick it in the jar do you add who it came from and why or just the compliment? Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you. I have just completed a course. WHO AM I? Some of the questions were challenging but we were told to make a list and store it somewhere (ie like your suggestion box…thank you) ,,,of all the encouraging and positive things anyone had ever said to you. Take out and read when you begin to doubt that in your lifetime you have to fulfill what you were born to do. I may never be famous in the sense that places acknowledge fame ie money and clout! but I do believe I must move and work one day at a time to write and fulfill lifetime giftings and passions. Encouraging blog.

  5. Thankyou Lisa, I’ve struggled a large part of my life with ‘expect nothing and you won’t be disappointed’, its not working for me anymore. 🙂 Please stick ‘You have a lovely smile in your compliments jar’ (I only tell the truth 😉 )

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