The Importance of Readers

Tonight a friend invited me over for dinner with her book group. All eleven of them have read my books, and Marianna invited me over for dinner and discussion. I am so looking forward to this, and to meeting with folks to talk about Clock and Dagger. I am also so grateful for the opportunity. It is a kind gesture by a friend, one of many by friends and family over the course of the last year.

One year ago, on October 6, 2015 I realized a lifelong dream and became a published novelist. It has been a fun journey so far. I have a couple of author thoughts that I’d like to share.

When someone says “I read your book” I stop breathing until they finish their sentence.

I hate it when someone apologizes because they borrowed one of my books from the library rather than buying it. I love that my book is available in the library, and that folks are borrowing it! Readers are readers, and without readers there aren’t books.

I don’t go out of my way to read reviews, but I know that a lot of folks do when they are thinking about buying a book. I am so grateful to the people who take time to add their thoughts to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Goodreads.

Getting an email or seeing a Facebook post about my books never, every gets old. I had a woman I know write me a thoughtful note about Clock and Dagger,  going into detail about the plot and some of the characters. I told her how much I appreciated it, and that she’d made my day. It reminded me to write notes to folks whose work I appreciate.

I still get a thrill when I meet a reader who I don’t know personally.

Friends, do you reach out to authors you don’t know personally? Do you post reviews? How do you connect with authors?


Julie Hennrikus writes the Clock Shop Mystery series as Julianne Holmes. Clock and Dagger came out in August. Just Killing Time was the debut in the series, and was nominated for a Best First Novel Agatha award.


5 thoughts on “The Importance of Readers

  1. I’m actually on the other end. I also fulfilled my lifelong ambition and published last year on the 9th of October, so Happy Book Birthday to us. smiles. I review for everyone who asks me to read because I know it is so critical when trying to build your name as an author. I do conventions and chat with everyone who crosses my path. I’ve done one book club and would absolutely do more.

  2. I m buoyed that Julianne Holmes , author of ‘Clock and Dagger’ and lately another 
      title ‘Just  Killing Time’ not only acknowledged the role of readers in a writers life but also did remark that without readers there are no authors,Imagine that reality and otherwise a scenario where there are authors getting published without hungry or expectant or hilarious or even critical  readers to read or appraise their anonymous or favorite authors,
    WHO else could have been the catalysts other than  authors expect some sort of cash reward and  positive comments on their works?
    Writers too read other authors works and they get provoked or inspired or emulated as John Updike ,American writer and poet said when he was defining a writer in one of his essays in American TOPIC magazine of the 80s,He said a writer is a reader moved to emulation.
    Why are readers attracted to the works of authors weather anonymous 1st timer or a favorite author? its because such authors have  the skill to recreate life and pattern of a story telling task in a lively or thrilling manner with the power of the word on paper or these days on kindles to invite them into their new world –truthful or fictitious.
    however such stories may not be esoteric or magical or metaphysical enough as if to gloss over that such authors are  not writing for a planet earth audience. It’s an open secret check able that even war novels or fat historical novels  like James Michener s TEXAS or his Miscellany or one of Asimov s scifi – Mind over Matter or a sweet précis of Comet Fishing must rehearse or reflect  human relations inclusive love and allied emotions whatever style or milestone  they are taking  their readers.The  longevity of the heroes or heroines depends on the writers literary mortality and natality skill but  the whole story must be lively,lucid not hidden like podium poetry or shall I say readable for the audience in view.
    There was A book I spontaneous bought in Lagos more than 35 years ago – ‘Readings on the Craft of Writings (Swedish Writes)’featured many writers and teachers of writings and what i remember I carried away from all of them is that writing is so glasslike a quality that it takes a good effort for a writer to produce a readable piece .That s the major treasure I gained from the book since I haven’t seen the book again and maybe termites had  devoured it in any of many guest houses or family garrets I have lived and exit — because of writing!

    Thank you the consummate author of ‘Clock & Dagger’ for provoking this short reaction –despite a stressful yet blessed day with Affican benign rain drops that ameliorated humidity a few hours back the way we want it if  had not led to uncontrollable flood.That s Nature for you with her own super thermostat of the whole world,He s the Supreme physiologist to adjust human beings to live in a maze of varying climates that are benign  to their bodies no matter how chilly or hot or extremes of these – he makes them to adapt and survive in different geographic regions and readers amazingly read authors works in these varied temperatures.

    What is it that s special or crucial or spiritually or hilariously urgent that readers must read and authors must write?asks
    Gbemi Tijani,Paul Harris Fellow

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