Crime Bake Time Again

It’s Crime Bake time again! The New England Crime Bake is a small, writer focused, crime fiction conference. I am on the committee, which means this week is about preparation. On Saturday I am leading a discussion of The Murder of Roger Ackroyd in a “Reading Like a Writer” session. On Sunday I am hosting a game show of sorts we’ve called the Wheel of Why, where three teams of writers (thriller, police proceduarl, cozy) are all given the same clue, the Wheel of Why is spun for motive, and they need to tell a story from the angle of their genre. I will report back on both of these.

Other things I am looking forward to? Seeing friends, including my fellow Wicked Cozy Authors. Hearing William Kent Krueger speak about the writing life. (He is the GoH. AMAZING writter.) Having lunch with my agent. Meeting with an editor. Being renewed and inspired by being around other writers.

When I first went to Crime Bake, being published was only a dream. This conference has a lot to do with the path I find myself on. Being grateful for that is a big part of the weekend.

Friends, what conferences do you go to? What do you like best about them?


J.A. Hennrikus and Julianne Holmes are the same person. They both write mysteries.

2 thoughts on “Crime Bake Time Again

  1. Hi Julianne, You are so lucky being part of such a forward looking writing group. I have been a member of many creative writing groups but I always seem to come away dissatisfied. The town where I live in West Yorkshire (UK) has a couple of writing venues, but they are mainly focused on producing work only to be read out to the group. I would love to find a really progressive group that would stretch and challenge my writing. I have even tried to start such a group and was so sad to find no-one was interested. We have some very good professional writers in our area, but they charge large fees for mentoring new writers.
    I am so envious of the US, there seem to be so many prolific writers posting on blogs etc. It’s not easy trying to produce work that is accepted for publishing when you are a lone writer. Good luck with your conference.

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