Friends, tomorrow is my favorite holidays–a celebration of food, family, and fun. It is also an opportunity for me to count my blessings. Here are a few of the blessings in my writing life I am grateful for–a short list before I prep the pie crust for the dessert making marathon with the nieces tomorrow.

I am grateful to my blogmates here, on Wicked Cozy Authors, aond on Killer Characters. What a wonderful way to connect with other writers,and readers.

I am grateful for my agent, and for the publishers I am working with. Being a published author is a dream come true–I will never not be grateful for my ticket on this ride.

I am grateful for Scrivener.

I am grateful for Paula Munier’s Plot Perfect. Third time I’ve used it. I reread it every time, buy my pack of index cards, and dive in.

I am grateful for my community of writers, most of whom I know through Sisters in Crime.

I am grateful for the piles and piles  (and piles) of books on my To Be Read pile, and on my Kindle.

Happy Thanksgiving friends who celebrate. For others, make a pie anyway.


Julie Hennrikus writes as J.A. Hennrikus, and Julianne Holmes.

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