Friday Fun – Are you where you want to be?

Friday Fun is a group post from the writers of the NHWN blog. Each week, we’ll pose and answer a different, get-to-know-us question. We hope you’ll join in by providing your answer in the comments.

QUESTION:  Here’s a good few questions to ground us all in the upcoming year: 

“It’s never too late to be who you might have been” – George Eliot

Who is it that you truly want to be? Are you on track?

What steps need to be taken to get you you there?

Deborah headshotDeborah Lee Luskin: Love the Elliot quote! When I’m fully present, I’m in the exactly right place. When that happens at my desk, words fly!



JME5670V2smCROPJamie Wallace: The definition of who we want to be is a moving target, a mercurial vision that shifts and shimmers as our own hearts and minds evolve. I am not sure if anyone ever feels, or is meant to feel, that she has fully become the person she wants to be. I don’t believe we can ever be “done.” It’s not as if, after all, one is a turkey with a pop-up timer to indicate perfection.

I suppose, in a way, this means that each of us must live in a perpetual state of discontent, ever striving toward a new goal and a new identity; and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. When we stop learning and exploring and seeking adventure, we stop growing. And when we stop growing, we die.

All that said, I do not feel that I am currently on track to be the person/writer/artist I want to be. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what steps need to be taken to get me where I want to go; but I do feel a tide of sorts rising within me. It’s not just the New Year energy. It’s something else that has been building over the last year or so and seemed to reach a tipping point after the election.

The thing that makes me smile is that even though I’m not (yet) where I want to be and I’m not sure how I’m going to get there, I’m excited at the prospect of deep change and endless possibility. Eliot was right, of course, and I’m hoping to prove her point in the years ahead.

7 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Are you where you want to be?

  1. Yes I too agree with Eliot but first we must accept who were are. Life should not be a series of targets but we can still develop by dealing with that which confronts us just as it comes. Learning to deal with things in the best way we can is how we develop.

    The reason I am not keen on targets and goals is that so often we can choose the wrong ones based on what we think we want rather than what we need and are given. They also become obstacles, points of fixation.

    The creative aspect is quite simple – show up on time everyday with no distractions (for 15 minutes or an hour as a firm daily commitment) and a desire to be a better writer and the muse will show up to entertain you. You will write simply because there is nothing better to do. Writing becomes a central focal point of your life when you allow it to be.

  2. No – I am not where I want to be – but rather I am in that golden phase of realising where I want to be and taking steps to get there. Undoubtedly the most exciting part! It is so darn difficult to accept and be happy with what I have (a condition of being a woman? A writer? A human?) that I’ve learnt to find happiness in making plans and setting targets. Let’s crack out the To Do list!

  3. Everything Jamie says resonates, except for “perpetual state of discontent”. For me it’s not discontent, but a sort of underlying feeling that I’m about to breakthrough on something but and I can’t quite put my finger on it. And yes, the state of the world has shaken me up too, I trust it’ll end up becoming a personal incentive to energize and develop further…

  4. I agree that’s it’s marvelous when everything just falls into place–with my writing, with my life.

    The problem with setting goals, is that once you reach them, you have to set new goals or you stagnate. I’ve had this issue in exercise before, and I’m hoping setting new goals–ones that only I am responsible for–will help me move forward with my writing dreams.

  5. i m far from where i will like to be! thanks for this prompting on writers goals and pinnacle if any.Im almost 30% like suddenly Jamie et al because I have not even started rewriting or editing of submissive manuscripts online or offline let alone talk of literary miscellany and sippers that launched& somehow fed me on freelance basis when I left school.I want write & publish different genre for ezine and kindle sand also series novella on my relationship with diverse babes across my much younger & tacitly popular years yet I don’t have update poor combo,super iPad that accepts apps requiring higher iOS and a robust android with 32-64G expandable facility& a powerful power bank to cope with epileptic grid system.In fact I m writing ow with already charged ipad1 with Notepad only ! However as you rightly said that the spirit of a determined man/woman who wants to achieve or reach a possible target will catalyze him/her along the gestation period.There s a Nigerian African proverb that imagined rightly that’ your travail continues unless you die’

    Blessedly again there ‘s hilarious hidden energy and wisdom in my outlook to life. I live by faith and unless you permit your faith in the Lord to waiver then you re like a wave of the sea and actually a doubter! I love G S Eliot s quote,Its never too late to be what you should have been,It’s in tandem with those with purposeful resilient spirit to achieve a definite target as well as experience fulfillment no matter what-excluding by hook or crook or to use the language of heartless looters of public treasury – impunity,God forbids.Is tis shocking? it could also be a raw material to muse or novelize trending decay in morality or professional ethic globally.Even our democracy too has been adulterated — un-customized by developing economies which has been retrogressive in some so called modern republics. What of comparative peaceful milieu?vAre yours cities immune to gruesome loathing attack?Too bad –witnessing this xenophobia in the 21st century! Where s human love then? Will this situation pave way for writers and other wealthy-meaning professionals and traders to thrive LE alone reach their peak? In the interim marked with needless recession in my milieu I must forge on to actualize my writing agenda and interact globally for partners or inventors to produce the selected special genre to as a unisex cultural show that will convoke the high and the low.Since I m not sure if i will be super ingenious enough to invent a globally viable idea like Mark Zukerberg s Facebook founder & patent ,i m imagining a show that will be rated as low as $1 to as high as $1000.00 for the same performance at the same venue though preference ticket will attract special mutually joyful levy if notified in advance.The variation in access rate in such endogenous as well as eclectic show is to portray Inequality typically manifest in this earthly world. I m open to co investors or collaborators globally insofar credibility and creativity rules will apply to our terms of dealing towards making the world a better world,

    ok what’s your view ? I was just acting above to engage the word of that American actor,civil rights activist& film maker the late Marlon Brando – the trending language Better world- which implies a superlative of good does not mean a holistic betterment that cares for individual self actualization and choice of work or job or where to live and when to marry if s(he) so desires to reproduce him/herself in life, When will the world leaders at the helms of affairs in all continents and urgently in Africa when I m sensing a trend in auto lysis -self destruction despite manifold blessings with unspeakable exportable talent yet a world wide virus of impunity is wasting resources and postponing opportunity for creativity and serendipity …when will Africa & some parts of Asia start tackling Maslow hierarchy of needs? When will they be bold to stop begging or worshipping hitch& consumerism?do they really know their identities as the cradle of the world? I wish I already had any of or all of the three modern pens I highlighted above in my initial cry for self-less fulfillment. how come how fluid tech is ? In the last 25 years mobile variants of the computer and analog phones have not gained access into everybody s daily workaday and efficiency than now! Imagine the enormous literacy a digital age writer needs to express and connect products and services and profile corporate entities other than his/her own blogspot or website.

    Whereas normal man is bound to succeed and the universe ought to support that success. I m far from where I want to be.I m not yet there !

    Gbemisoye Tijani,PHF Byline: Gbemi TIJANI MST Life&health coach ,Allianceinmotion Global ltd( Aspiring of course to be a Global Ambassador(GA) in this registered global network. regional director(southwest)healthy living communications,Lagos Mobile ;08125612325(SMS)whatsapp(08035711291) Emails,

    Sent from my iPad

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