New Year, New/Revised/Rebooted Plans

succeed-in-2017As 2016 came to a close and  I flipped the page to 2017, I reflected on my goals and dreams of 2016 to summarize the year.

It’s always a fun exercise to filter 12 months of sweat and labor down a few pages of one liners, but it’s also fruitful.

I noticed (as I do every year it seems) that I start out with a lot of gusto and have yearly goals written out, and have the first month broken out to weekly and daily tasks. I manage to keep the effort going, but the momentum slows by the end of the 2nd quarter (about June). In 2016, I barely had anything written down in October or November. Then I sputtered to life a little in regard to writing weekly goals, a little bit in December.

There are several resources on the Internet for how to review your prior year, and each year I like to seek out some new ways to answer the same questions.

This year, the question that struck a chord with me the most was “What were the things you wanted to do but didn’t?”

I found a similar question: “What goals did you blow off or fail to achieve?”

And what set me on a course of thought for a good stretch of time was the follow-up question: “Why?”

It’s one thing to take note of what you goals you missed, but it’s entirely different to pause and seriously consider “why” you missed those goals.

So many excuses can come to mind – life got busy, the kids, the laundry, night school, the weather, illness, not enough work, too much work, and so on.

But to make strides, you have to acknowledge the excuses for what they are – excuses, not reasons. Looking into each goal/plan I missed, I realized that the reason I didn’t achieve them is because I chose to not put in the effort. I failed to achieve because I chose not to plan, not to strive, and not to push myself forward.

I missed my fitness goals because I chose to not:

  • show up to races I’d paid for
  • get off the couch and get out for a walk
  • watch the portion sizes of the meals I ate

I missed some business goals because I didn’t put in the time and attention the tasks needed. It’s a harsh realization, but I can work with the truth.

In 2017, I already have new accountability and am working with a couple of mentors to build up a couple of areas of my business. I’m revising and rebooting some goals, letting others go.

Have you reviewed your 2016 goals versus accomplishments? If you missed any of your targets – do you know why you missed?

I’m wishing all of us a prosperous, productive, happy, and healthy 2017.

Lisa_2015Lisa J. Jackson is an independent writer and editor who enjoys working with businesses of all sizes. She loves researching topics, interviewing experts, and helping companies tell their stories. You can connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

12 thoughts on “New Year, New/Revised/Rebooted Plans

  1. I don’t have goals. Then I can’t miss them. I do have plans and for this reason I bought a wall planner today. It had coloured stars to put on important dates. I put some on birthdays but will use them for holidays and appointments later.
    It would be nice to get fitter but I need extra motivation. I didn’t manage it last year so I doubt I will this.
    I managed not to put on weight. I suppose that was a kind of goal.
    Good luck with your efforts.
    As to writing. Perhaps I could squeeze in a little hope – publication of a short story?

  2. I don’t have goals either like julie said. Then, I can’t miss them. I prefer to remain in a state of “something exciting or new could be just around the corner.” When you live with chronic illness, there is no such thing as targets and missing them or getting them. It’s just surviving and managing to stay alive. Actually, I could get some darts and a board. Like, targets. That would be fun.

  3. I’ve always skirted taking on full goal commitments for my two personal “importants”: exercising and writing. You’re so right in saying the why’s are the key so I’m working on them this month 🙂

  4. Resolutions and setting goals are not for me. I hate (sorry ) rules. Even those that I created for myself. Schedules and structures drive me crazy but I know that as long as we are part of any society we can’t avoid them but I do try to avoid them as much as I could. I tend to do what I like, how I like and when I like to do them. Sounds like I’m a very lazy person but I’m not. I’m hard working and perfectionist. Once I started a project I don’t stop unless it’s finished even it means I don’t eat or sleep. I guess I just have another approach in doing things.

  5. I missed my goals in 2016 because I said yes too many things. I failed to prioritize what mattered (my goals) in favor of things that were time sucking or soul sucking because I wanted to make people happy. This year….Prioritization. No is my new favorite word. smiles

  6. I refuse to set goals just because the calendar says that a new year is upon us. I try to keep a positive outlook each day and when something strikes my interest I attempt to absorb as much of it as I can. I realize that these things are mainly temporary, but they often come in useful at some point in the future. As for the concept of goals, it strikes me as trying to live a “corporate” life. I get enough of goals from my job and personally I don’t need the hassle in my everyday life 🙂

  7. I am a goal setter too! I really agree that it’s important to have introspection in regards to what our year looked like previously. For me I found that the goals I didn’t accomplish were things that became less important to me as time went on or something else became more important. Thank you for your insight!

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