Paring Down the Goals List

“Goals are dreams with deadlines.”   –Diana Scharf

I am a goal-oriented person. I love creating goals and checking them off my list. When I looked over my goals list from last year (and the year before, and the year before,) there was one goal that I hadn’t achieved, yet had continued to put on the list year after year: Write a book.

Given that I’m a goal-oriented person, as previously noted, I had to wonder why I haven’t achieved this goal.

There are a lot of practical reasons why I haven’t achieved this goal: family obligations, work obligations, etc. But those are just excuses.

Is this goal one I really want to achieve? My knee-jerk reaction is, “Yes! Of course,” and after some reflection, I know that I really do want to achieve this goal. I have a particular book in mind and I feel passionately about it.

So why haven’t I completed it?

It comes down to fear. Doesn’t it always?

I have a limiting belief about this goal that is basically summed up as: “Who do you think you are trying to write this book?” You can hear the tone, can’t you?

Yeah, me, too.

But that voice, with its nasty tone, is not going to stop me.

I have worked with this (limiting) belief and will continue to work with it until it stops interfering with the work I want to do in the world.

While I do that work, I’m also doing the work of writing the actual book. I have broken the task down into manageable chunks, and broken those down even more. I’m going to build trust with myself by setting an easily-achievable goal of 5000 words written on the book by January 31st.

I have many goals for 2017 and I’m shining a spotlight on one. I’ve given it a deadline. I’ve reviewed all the obstacles to achieving this goal and come up with a detailed plan to get me past each one of those obstacles.

I think I have a much better chance of completing this book by the end of the year.

What’s your most important goal for 2017?

Diane MacKinnon, MD, Master Certified Life CoachDiane MacKinnon:  I’m a master life coach, blogger, writer, and speaker. Check out my life coaching blog here. Happy New Year! Wishing you a wonderful, productive,  2017!


11 thoughts on “Paring Down the Goals List

  1. My important goal for this year is finally becoming the person that I really am. Not what the people expect, not what I thought I was, not what others tell me to but the one I am destined and dreamed to be- a writer.

  2. I have the same goal, but I’m a procrastinator and a get-distractedor (I know that’s not a word, but it happens). I’m going to try to pluck out a couple short stories first and then go from there. I hope you achieve your goals–you got this! Dawn

  3. To publish the sequel to Marranga-Limga … It is the most difficult thing I have ever written. It covers four generations and is a story which will never make a ‘great book’ list but is both a passion and of intrinsic value I believe for an historical town like I live it. Historical fiction flies in the face of a lot of ‘academic’ endeavours….BUT……..

  4. Oh man! Do I ever hear that voice sometimes. Also, ‘your not really a gonna be able to do that’ and ‘what if no one likes or reads it?’. Thank you for sharing your struggle and encouragement! And may you be blessed as you take on this challenge:)

  5. I am a professional organizer and I admittedly tend to function better with a to-do list. Lately I have been feeling like I am not getting a lot accomplished. Maybe I need to upgrade to a goals list. Thanks for the thought.

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