2 thoughts on “llano-front-cover1

  1. You re all vibrant and this evident in just one year posts I m familiar with ,Don’t you kow you fe also a great intellectual group working outpf campus – Ivory Towers – and there are more area of contemporary or confessional writing you can still explore more than your DAily travail
    Having conceived that great purpose of fulfillment – LI VE to Write & write to live your collective output is commendable and I m sure you are fulfilled as individual writers in all sense of effective living.
    you should not only maintain guest chat of the likes of Shelley Armitage in all walks of life but also dig deeper and extrapolate motherhood- womanhood as indispensable partner entity that brought forth humanity from 750 million in Christ s time according to Dr DUEWEL to seven billion (7bn +) in the 21st century ! I often view it with modesty though it’s such a magnanimous blessing that women are muktitaskers though men constantly giving millions of sperms to actualise everything both in the fallpliantjbes and artificial test tubes.Nevertheless you actually complete the glamour and splendor not just the building of humanity.
    were it not for women as receptacle – the natural labs of God – nature s wonder reproduced humanity beyond the initial binary of Adam & Eve,where will all of us that were viable products after the original sin in the Garden of Eden be existing or politicking or creating more-our likes?

  2. Errata:I mean to write Thisis evident ..
    don’t yu KNOW you re also a great intellectual group working OUT of campus?
    More areas of …
    …creating more ofour likes?
    Apologia Next time I will read over
    Nevertheless I love impromptu comments possibly with the I diligence of not reading over before posting ,I love topmost them not & harmless
    420a,m1st feb 2017

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