Procrastination Is Fear of… What?

procrastinationDo you procrastinate on projects?

Do you put off tasks that can be done quickly, but are tedious?

Do you avoid certain activities for as long as possible (making phone calls, for instance) because your heart rate increases at the thought of doing them?

I recently saw the phrase “procrastination is fear.” It resonates with me.

Why do we put off things we know need to be done for our business – or to better ourselves?

Fear of success? Fear of no one liking what we do? Fear of rejection after trying? Fear that our goal (making it ‘perfect’) will fall short?

Do you procrastinate on making decisions? If you delay long enough, the decision will be made for you (in most cases), so, you actually do end up making a decision — to let time determine the answer for you.

I can procrastinate on blog posts because I want to be like Goldilocks and have everything “just right.” I fear the posts may be too short or too long and miss the mark.

I can procrastinate on making phone calls because they aren’t always pleasant or give positive results. And usually after dialing the number, I end up in voicemail and then fear my message isn’t clear enough.

Procrastination simply delays what needs to be done, so why not do it and be done with it? There’s a lot of psychology behind the topic of procrastination – such as, it’s something we learn to do. Here’s an article from Psychology Today that lists Ten Things to Know about procrastination.

If you know you procrastinate, you can find ways to push through it. Priority lists, to do lists, delegation, or perhaps adopting a ‘just do it’ attitude for a short spurt to see what happens (maybe you’ll like being productive!). Set a timer and make accomplishing something a challenge or a race. (The timer has become a great tool for me.)

How do you fight procrastination?

lisajjacksonLisa J. Jackson is an independent writer and editor who enjoys working with businesses of all sizes. She loves researching topics, interviewing experts, and helping companies and individuals tell their stories. You can connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

8 thoughts on “Procrastination Is Fear of… What?

  1. I think I’ve finally overcome procrastination. Certainly when you get to 70 common sense tells you do not have the whole of life before you. Procrastination robs you of a day. This one day is all any of us can be sure of. Fear has to go. I now have something to say with limited time to say it so………..whether blogging, writing, speaking, walking, etc etc. if I make mistakes. If I say too much… I have to believe at least I tried and in this burst of life creatively I will use what I can each day but not forget to smell the roses on the way. Jump in swim. Enjoy the day. Writing should never be an anguish. if it is……….do something else.

  2. So true! I find myself procrastinating on things I don’t want to get face to face with just yet, or again, figuring I’ll be braver or more prepared tomorrow. And of course, when you finally do face it, you usually find it was never that intimidating to begin with. Great post!

  3. When I am tempted to procrastinate, I try to tackle a different project than the one I was wanting to work on. I might write a blog instead of working on my manuscript, or work on my manuscript instead of washing the dishes. That is how I trick myself into productivity.

  4. Yes, timers are the key!

    I use them with my children, and now to make myself write.

    I also find that promising myself rewards is a great motivator. I’m kind of mean and don’t always let myself have the reward, however (or cheat and take it early!) so it’s not foolproof 😉

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