Dear Writer, You need more magic in your life.

Hidden Magic (Instagram: @suddenlyjamie)

Do you ever plunk yourself down, pen in hand, and feel like there’s nothing left? Do you ever come to the keyboard and only to find that your inspiration has been thoroughly depleted? You don’t have to answer. I’m betting you’ve had similar experiences. Some people call it writer’s block. Other’s call it life fatigue. Whatever name you give it, there’s a can’t-miss solution to get you back on track: get more magic in your life.

You see, magic begets magic. When you make more room in your life for magic, you’ll find that it fuels your creativity like nothing else. Even better, finding magic is easy. You can do it in the spare moments of your day. All you need to do is keep your eyes open. It’s there, all around you.

I wrote the following column for my local paper, but I’m hoping it may also be suitable to share here among fellow writers. Artists and writers should take special care to seek out magic in their daily lives. I consider it part of my self-care routine, and I can tell when I’ve been neglecting it.

So, here’s to finding magic in unexpected places. Enjoy!



One of the best things about hanging out with little kids is getting the chance to see the world through their eyes. A child’s view of reality isn’t clouded by doubt or cynicism. It isn’t limited by things like logic or so-called “common sense.” When a kid looks at the world, it is with an open mind that is ready and willing to embrace things an adult would overlook simply because of our grown-up prejudice against the impossible.

But, as Alice’s White Queen would tell you, you can believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast if you simply draw a long breath, shut your eyes, and try.

The truth is, there is magic all around us, each and every day. To see it, we just need to take the queen’s advice. There’s a lot to be said for deep breaths and other things that help us pause for a moment and become fully aware of the wonders right in front of our noses.

It’s much too easy to surrender to the tugging and nagging of the Everyday World. As grown-ups, we’re supposed to be responsible and realistic. We’re supposed to know about things like taxes and flu prevention and the latest dreadful headlines (of which there seem to be so many these days). Our lives are busy-busy-busy and packed full to bursting with all kinds of Serious Matters and Important Tasks.

But we all need magic in our lives. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Thankfully, magic comes in an infinite number of flavors. In addition to the magic of a child’s imagination, there is the magic of sunrises and sunsets — brilliant and subtle sky paintings in every hue and shade, all lit from within and turning the world pink and blue and purple. There is the magic of spring’s first buds emerging into the bright air despite the cold and lingering pockets of ice and snow. There is the magic of last year’s seedpods, looking for all the world like perfect, faerie architecture with arches and catacombs.

One of my favorite kinds of magic is dog magic. I have yet to meet a canine who lacked the ability to work a spell on me. I see a dog, and I smile. I can’t help it. Dogs lighten my heart and remind me of all the goodness in the world. I can be walking down the street, dragging my cloud of worries behind me, and then I see a dog and those worries just evaporate into nothing. All it takes is one furry-faced smile.

And, of course, there is magic in stories and poems and music and all manner of art. During especially stressful times, I make sure to pepper my day with creative magic. My morning usually includes the enchantment of classical music, each movement and piece offering up a wordless story that is clearly magical. Throughout the day, I take a moment here and a moment there to visit the Facebook posts of certain friends who have a knack for curating the most whimsical and inspiring collections of art. Each visit lasts only a minute, but the effects linger for much longer.

I have reached an age at which I believe I have earned the right to be taken seriously when I say, “Life is short.” The more years I live, the more quickly each year seems to fly by until one blends into the last, blurring experiences and memories into one another. But the moments of magic that I weave into my life always stand out. Whether they are solitary moments standing in awe of Nature’s creative brilliance or shared moments experiencing a work of art, an adventure, or an unexpected encounter with a magical person or creature in the wild, those small moments are the ones that sparkle in my memory like stars in the night sky — constellations that guide me to remember what matters most in this short life.




Jamie Lee Wallace Hi. I’m Jamie. I am a content writer and branding consultant, columnist, sometime feature writer, prolific blogger, and aspiring fiction writer. I’m a mom, a student of equestrian arts, and a nature lover. I believe in small kindnesses, daily chocolate, and happy endings. In addition to my bi-weekly weekday posts, you can also check out my Saturday Edition and Sunday Shareworthy archives. Off the blog, please introduce yourself on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. I don’t bite … usually.

This post originally appeared on the Live to Write – Write to Live blog.

42 thoughts on “Dear Writer, You need more magic in your life.

  1. My magic is ‘bird magic’ When I see a woodpigeon sitting in the bird bath or a mother sparrow feeding a baby it makes me feel all warm inside and I can’t help but smile.The birds in our garden never fail to amuse. I love it.

  2. Hello Jamie, you are beautiful Jamie Lee, I’m Que Tran, my native language is Vietnamese, I have written something more in English, for learning and I would like to keep up with it. It is very hard work dear Jamie. You are right, I’m always stuck because of my poor English but I just keep on tried the ideas in my language then I have a rest, relax for a while and I look at the dictionary and turn them in English. Be my teacher dear Jamie.

    • Thank you for being here, Que Tran, and for making the effort to write in English. I visited your site, and you have a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing your stories.

      • Thank you very much. Sorry for late reply Suddenly Jamie. I’m very surprise, happy to know that you’ve visited my site, that is a great support and encouragement from you for helping me in writing English. Thank you, Dear Writer. Love from Que Tran.

  3. Wonderful. Summer spent with my 8-year old daughter helps me rediscover the magic. We’re spending this week doing science experiments with a science kit she got for her birthday, next week we’re baking desserts with various kits she’s accumulated over the year, and I think one week we’ll spend putting a nature journal together. It means less writing time for me, but by the time she goes back to school in the fall we’ll have discovered some magical things together.

  4. Thank you! This made me so happy this morning! I know about that wonderful, necessary magic we writers need, but as you warn, it is easy to forget or get pulled into logic and “should”. Thank you for reminding me to find magic in the little moments! And great article…thank you for sharing.

    • You’re so welcome. Thank you for taking the time to leave a note. 🙂
      The magical “little moments” are the best – so nourishing!

  5. Hi ya Jamie, in the ordinary of every day and after dealing with stroppy kids the magic is all but gone.
    I hope a fairy comes soon to put some back! 😊

    • Yes – seeing magic is a learned skill. We have to teach our kids to recognize magic when it’s right in front of their noses. Hint: it’s rarely on a screen. 😉

    • Thanks so much. We all need a little guidance when it comes to remembering how to see the magic all around us – kids and dogs are great at that. 🙂

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  7. Reblogged this on Create Space and commented:
    I’ve just completed a four day Adlerian Network of Ireland Summer School Workshop called Living Confidently and my role was an inner child creator! Nourish your inner child….as Jamie says “We all need magic in our lives” What magic did you find today?

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  9. What a wonderful, Magical article !!! To start with I have come across the writer’s block as people call it, and yes it can be fatigue too which I didn’t think of it before. In my case as a survivor of depression, stress plays a big part, and it’s then that the magic runs out. I do believe in the magic of life. Mother nature has provided us with such wondrous things and places all around us. Everything around us is ever changing all the time and so inspiring. I do love dogs actually all animal life. My back garden is next to the bush and full of all kinds of birds, and I wake up to the calls of the birds. Beautiful Lorikeets and Magpies. I do watch sunrises, sunsets, rainbows and the sky and absorb it’s splendour. I believe its because I appreciate and live with gratitude for all this magic that I have been able to fully overcome long term depression which is considered to be rare, even when I read other’s articles !!!
    Thank you very much Jamie for your wonderful article. It has given so much of new ideas and also I have learnt that there are lots of others who appreciate and share my views on life 🙂 ❤

    • Hello, Deepa. So nice to see you. I loved hearing about your beautiful world and am so glad to know that in your journey you have overcome depression and learned to manage stress. Art and nature can be such powerful healers. Congrats on your personal blog, by the way. So wonderful that you’re sharing your poetry with readers. 🙂

      I wondered if you’ve ever played around on Instagram. It’s one of my favorite social networks, and – for people who love and enjoy nature – it’s an amazing resource for inspiration and beauty. I wrote about it a little here:
      I have curated my Instagram feed so that it’s now mostly beautiful photographs of nature and wildlife from all over the world. It’s a lovely respite at any time of day to dip into that stream of images and see all the majesty and magic that Mother Nature provides all over the world. ❤

      • Oh, excellent! I haven’t had much time to enjoy Instagram lately, but I am always glad when I get a minute to explore. 😉

    • Oh, yes! The night sky and all the stars in the heavens are an undeniable source of magic. I also love the quiet of the night … when all the sounds of the manmade world start to fade (at least, where I live), and the subtle sounds of nature take over. It’s almost hypnotizing! 😉

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