The Courage to Ask

To be able to ask for what we need, ask for what we want takes courage—and it’s also a skill. Please join me for a free/fundraiser class taught by Alexandra Franzen called The Courage to Ask. 

In this class, Alex is going to help us all develop the skill to ask for what we need and want, which will make it easier for us to find the courage to do it. 

The Courage to Ask is a fundraiser class for, an organization that helps people in crisis through text messaging. 75% of the people who text them are under 25 years old and each text is answered by a human being who is trained to help the texter navigate from a moment of crisis to a space of calm. 

I don’t text a lot, but I think about all the people in my life who use text as their first form of communication and I’m glad this organization exists. Especially in this time of COVID-19, when people are more isolated than ever, I’m glad there are people trained to handle these kinds of situations. All you have to do is text 741741 from anywhere in the US to be connected to a trained crisis counselor and start a conversation. 

If, in this time of COVID-19, you can’t donate to this cause, you can still join the class. It’s free. Here are all the details about where and when. 

I hope to see you there. 


Diane MacKinnon, MD, is a Master Certified Life Coach who used to work as a Family Physician. She’s passionate about writing and journaling and is (still!) working on her first book, a self-help book for medical peeps. You can find her at her website,

One thought on “The Courage to Ask

  1. Only a few days ago I began to wonder if this site was still operating. As a passionate Christian writer I valued its articles, teaching and training very much. As one who thought journalism would be my life I am in my later years still learning and growing.You are valued. May we ALL in this year of Covid be challenged to find LIFE IN ALL ITS FULLNESS. .’free’ from deception. Find BEAUTY.

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