FREE Kindle Book: Before You Quit Writing, Read This!

A writer friend gave me the heads up on this free Kindle download that was, in part, written by a friend of hers. I haven’t read it yet, but I did download it. Sounds like just the kind of thing to boost you up out of a slump. Enjoy!     before you quit

Before You Quit Writing, Read This! 23 Stories & Strategies to Keep You Writing

The Literati Writers (Author), Dave Ursillo Jr. (Author), Cate Spaulding (Editor), Stephanie Auteri (Editor)

From Amazon:

Before You Quit Writing, Read This! exists to keep you writing. A collection of 23 original stories and strategies from writers around the world who each wish to encourage you to experience a rewarding creative journey, Before You Quit Writing, Read This! is resource of motivation and personal inspiration that you can open at any instance of your creative journey when you hear that voice in the back of your head that tells you, “Quit. Quit now.”

This book exists because that voice is a liar. And that voice is telling you to quit only because you’re scared.

In Before You Quit Writing, Read This!, these 23 authors have but one message to share with you: “Friend, please do not quit.” Read More … 


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