Manage Your Time, Deadlines, and Sanity with One Tool – Down with the To Do List!

How would you like, at a glance, to be able to quickly know the following?

  • What you absolutely have to get done today
  • How many hours it’s going to take
  • Whether you’ll have time to goof off watching True Blood reruns tonight
  • What percentage of your working day will be spent on deliciously billable work vs. evil-but-necessary marketing
  • How you’re faring on your quest for a better work/life balance
  • Whether you remembered to call back that editor who emailed you yesterday
  • What the rest of your week looks like

… at a glance. Really.

A girl with a past
I have a long history of To Do list addiction. My love of lists – color-coded, prioritized, categorized, highlighted, and so on – began when I was just a child. I made elaborate lists of my Breyer horse inventory, what I wanted to be when I grew up, journal entries, and homework assignments.  More recently, the frequency of my trysts with various time and task management systems has left me feeling exhausted, disappointed, and a little bit dirty.

Enter Google Calendar (GC)
At first, it was just a casual meeting. A client asked to share a calendar with me so we could coordinate meetings more efficiently. At first glance, I didn’t think GC was anything special – just another piece of the Google empire. But then, we started to get to know each other a little better. Pretty soon, I was turning to GC for personal appointments as well as professional ones.

And then, an innocent request changed everything. Continue reading