Friday Fun – Problem Solving

Friday Fun is a group post from the writers of the NHWN blog. Each week, we’ll pose and answer a different question. We hope you’ll join in by providing your answer in the comments.

QUESTION: If you could solve one big hairy audacious problem … what would it be? And why chose this dilemma of all the problems in the world?

Susan Nye: Alzheimer’s Disease for many reasons, some selfish, some practical and some born of sadness:

Alzheimer’s Disease runs in my family, I’ve seen it in action and it scares the bejeezus out of me. Will it happen to me? Will I too lose the ability to write, read, cook, drive, speak and live independently?

Baby boomers are aging. The first boomers turned sixty-five in 2011. Every single day another 10,000 celebrate the big six-five and it won’t slow down until 2030. One out of eight Americans aged sixty-five and older has Alzheimer’s. Down the road, nearly half of people aged eighty-five and older have the disease. The graying of America means the bankrupting of America and Alzheimer’s is a major reason.

Alzheimer’s Disease impacts entire families. It’s a thief. As the disease progresses, your loved one is transformed. Your big, bold mother or funny, wise grandfather slowly disappears. They are replaced with a pale facsimile, confused, fearful and withdrawn. Spouses, children and grandchildren are robbed of someone they love.

Diane MacKinnon: Childhood hunger. Especially in the United States. With the wealth in this country, I find it incredible that we have such a huge childhood hunger problem. I read a statistic that said, in 40 states and Washington, DC, 20% of the children live in “food insecure” households. That means 1 in 5 children don’t know if they are going to have supper that night–or breakfast the next morning. I’ve worked in soup kitchens over the years, and a few dollars can go a long way to feeding a family. To find out more about this issue, click here. To donate to Feeding America, click here.


Lisa J Jackson writerLisa J. Jackson: Loving families for all children. I wish I could bequeath all children with nurturing parents or make it so that only those who will respect and care for their children are able to have children (their own or adopted).  And at the other end of the spectrum, that all elderly are loved and respectfully cared for until they move on from this world.


Jamie Wallace: Wow, this is a tough one. There are so many problems I’d like to solve. I suppose the easy answer is world peace, since that would mean that everyone was happy. I’m also a huge advocate for animal rights and protection – whether we’re talking about the wild wolves, whales, or domestic cats, dogs, and horses. But if I had to choose just one problem to solve, it would be the problem of girls and women who are abused, demeaned, and oppressed. This is a problem that spans the globe – all countries, all cultures, and all ages of girls and women. Whether we’re talking about the lack of women’s rights in the third world or the media’s manipulation of girls’ minds in the first world, crimes against women are crimes against everyone. I believe that if girls and women were given more respect and a greater influence over their own lives and the lives of their families, villages, towns, cities, and countries – this whole world would be a better place. When girls can grow up healthy, strong, confident, and free of prejudice, oppression, and the self-defeating thoughts that so much of our culture promotes, our world will have a wealth of resources to draw on to create a safer, more loving, more sustainable future.

21 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Problem Solving

  1. Quality education for girls and women around the world. If girls are educated, they will pass this on to their children, since mothers are the primary educators. Better educated women have fewer children, and are less likely to end up in poverty.

  2. Autism! I work with my Grandson all the time and if you could just see him! He tries so hard to be the best that he can be but without the words to tell you what he wants or needs…I know God is watching over us all but sometimes the pain of knowing how hard this is on him, feels like more than I can stand.

    • My heart aches for you and your Grandson. Autism is so complicated. Often the affected child appears “normal” and when he acts up people don’t understand. They assume the child is just spoiled because he won’t behave. But I believe with more and more children diagnosed that ever, there will be more help and hopefully a cure. Hang in their Grandma! God is watching and he cares.

    • Timzauto – yes – I agree in some ways … I don’t like the idea of extending life when the quality of that life is done and gone. The trouble with dementia – you can be physically healthy but lost and confused mentally. The quality of life declines significantly but physically all is good or mostly good. Except for arthritis and some easily solved eye problems, my mother is surprisingly healthy. It is a dilemma. BTW – on my dad’s side we live forever. Before all these advances, his grandfather and aunties lived well into their nineties. Their only biggest issue was cataracts and blindness – now easily solved.Thank you for your comment. Have a good weekend – Susan

  3. Gooood Question!! I shall ponder my answer today and maybe over the weekend. In the meantime, I have posted some links to your blog (especially those related to “Inspriration”) in my Friday Creatively Entrepreneurial Question post today. if you’d like to have a look and join in the fun! Love your blog!!

  4. Affordable health care, food for the hungry, a loving and safe home to sleep and eat and be supported by those who care – all really excellent choices.
    How about this one to add to the mix?
    Let’s cure corporate greed and political waste. Key words GREED and WASTE. (Not talkin’ ’bout someone having a moderate amount of success, but more as it applies to banks, insurance companies, pharamceuticals – including most, not all, politicians – which are the bane of humanity.)
    That pretty much tackles most of these issues. Think of all the extra money that could go toward raising quality of life!

  5. Free and equal education for all. And I do mean all. Every last person on earth. Cures for hunger and sickness and geographic isolation and any other problem you can name only come to light when we have smart people who are educated. Education is the root of all things good.

  6. Politicians. Politicians and plutocracy.

    I’d just get rid of the system that falsely upholds the illusion that politicians know the first thing about prioritizing people’s needs. Democratic freedom is the best system there is, it’s the candidates that show up for the positions that fail at diagnosing our needs and solving our problems.

    Peace, education and health are forever relegated beyond electoral campaigns. We’ve got the wrong people as decision makers, not only are they incompetent beyond their comprehension, they just don’t understand that running a country is a very technical and administratively demanding job, it’s not about popularity, jingoism or slogans.

  7. For me, it would have to be the economy. It would start with immediate investments in improving our bridges, interstates, state highways, and city streets. Then, important water projects, and then green energy… I know money is needed for all of that to happen, but I do believe those are the keys to the Great Recovery!!!

  8. I live in senior housing and our complex has a waiting list of approximately 200 people. I see a great need for affordable housing for seniors. My husband and I attended a meeting at our state’s capitol. Tax credits are needed to fund this type of housing. The powers to be don’t want to issue the tax credits. However one representative said some states are actually increasing their tax credits. It made sense to me. When people are working building complexes like ours, they are also paying taxes, etc.

  9. Somehow erradicating the naturally curly hair gene! If it has been passed on to you, you are in my camp, I know it! See, when I was 12 I had out of control naturally curly hair and blue catwoman glasses. That combination, well, let’s just say, is not wildly popular. While I say this with all honesty, there is an underlying secret here. I work in child abuse and neglect and of course that among many other things is what I would solve. I just bring up the naturally curly hair gene because it is the worst thing my dad ever did to me. I am fortunate that what I have seen children go through I never had to experience. So of course that is more important, but I will be honest, the naturally curly hair gene has been the bain of my existence, with a close second being my blue catwoman glasses. If only life were that simple and those were the only problems we faced….a world where naturally curly hair is the worst of all problems.

  10. So, clearly I do not know what I am doing. I was trying to post my answer to the question and it got put in comments. I am new to this, so forgive my ignorance!

  11. Third and final comment….sorry, I now understand. I am not a professional writer so all I can do is comment and not post. I love the blog and am hoping that I will learn as has been demonstrated, I am in need of vast learning when it comes to blogs.

  12. I am sort of combining the problems addressed by Lisa and Jamie and Diane by saying I hunger and thirst in my prayers for world peace, because it would greatly facilitate the greater supply of good food for all children and permit the development of many more loving familiies in which to raise children.

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