The Saturday Edition – What We’re Writing and Reading

Welcome to a new feature here on Live to Write – Write to Live: The Saturday Edition – What We’re Writing and Reading.

We’ve had such a great time getting to know you that we thought it was high time we shared more than just our thoughts on the craft and business of writing. So, starting today, we’ll be taking a little detour on the weekend to share some of what we’re up to with our writing (when we’re not here) and what we’re into with our reading (around the web). We’ll also pull back the curtain a little to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what went into a piece.

We hope you enjoy this little diversion and encourage you to share your own posts and picks in the comments.

Happy writing! Happy reading! 



 Jamie Wallace: 

What I’m Writing:

quilt_smIn 2007 I started blogging at a little site called Maya’s Mom which was bought by Johnson & Johnson and became part of their top parenting site, BabyCenter. I blogged there for a couple of years alongside a lot of wonderful and very talented mom writers. Today, I’m the head writer and editor-in-chief for Fans of Being a Mom. This week, I posted Nooks and Crannies. I wrote it at the local coffee shop while waiting for my daughter who was at karate class. After a few false starts, the piece just sort of tumbled out of me – a nice trick when it works.

snowflakes_thumbnailI also write a column for my local paper. These short essays are some of my favorite pieces to write because my lovely editor gives me free reign with my topic selection. I wrote this piece during the blizzard a few weeks ago. My daughter wanted to go out and play which got me to thinking about how snow looks through the eyes of a child vs. the eyes of an adult. The piece I wound up with is The Transformative Magic of Snow.

JaymeS_happy_dog_smFinally, I had the pleasure this week of writing a post about happiness for my friend Jayme Soulati. The piece is part of her Happy Friday Series and asks the question, “Should life be serious?” Too often we equate seriousness with intelligence when, in fact, a good sense of humor is often the best predictor of a person’s smarts.



What I’m Reading:


Lisa J Jackson writer

Lisa J. Jackson:

What I’m Writing:

A recent new endeavor is writing for the American Express Business Center about aspects of owning and running a small business. Two articles published to date are Creating a Robust 2013 Budget, and Using and Implementing RSS Feeds. I’m always posting new author interviews at my Reviews and Interviews blog. And because of my 2013 commitment to a critique group, I’m breathing air back into a mystery novel I started a few years back. Feels great!

What I’m Reading:

Fiction: I’m getting up-to-date with J.R Ward‘s paranormal books. Just got current on her Fallen Angels series as I wrapped up reading the latest, book 4, “Rapture,” and 1 more to read this weekend in her Black Dagger Brotherhood series, “Lover Unleashed.”

Editor-Proof Your Writing coverNon-Fiction: I’m about to start “Editor-Proof Your Writing: 21 Steps to the Clear Prose Publishers and Agents Crave,” by Don McNair. I’m reviewing the book and then hosting him as a guest at The Writer’s Chatroom in April after the book releases.




Diane MacKinnon, MD, Master Certified Life CoachDiane MacKinnon:

What I’m writing:

I post weekly to my life coaching blog, Healing Choices. Recently, I posted Not My Business, and Perfection is Impossible. One of my favorite posts is one I wrote back in October, 2011, (when no one was reading it!) so I’ll post the link here, in case you’d like to read it.

I’m also working on a number of longer writing projects. I’m really focusing right now on a short story for a contest and (possible) publication. I’m excited about it because I’m working with a great critique group now and I have a lot of what I hope are good ideas for the story.

What I’m reading:

Thanks!Screen shot 2013-03-01 at 3.24.51 PM How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier, by Robert Emmons.Screen shot 2013-03-01 at 3.47.20 PM

The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed To Be and Embrace Who You Are , by Brene Brown


Susan Nye:

What I’m Writing:

I do a lot of food writing, including my blogAround the Table. Every Tuesday I share a story and recipe. The stories vary from memoir to advice, musings or tips. This week I share the ins-and-outs and a recipe for Traditional Cheese Fondue. I lived in Switzerland for many years and early on I learned certain rules apply when eating fondue. On Thursday or Friday I incorporate the recipe in a seasonal menu with links to more recipes. Just in case you’d like to throw a Fondue Party, I’ve got you covered.

My column – Kids in the Kitchen appears every month for Parenting NH. I just finish the April installment. In the meantime, you can read the March edition. It’s all about Maple Syrup and Maple Weekend as well as a few sweet recipes.

What I’m reading:

Among other things, I like to follow food and philanthropy news and regularly check in with the Huffington Post. Coffee addict or not, you might find the first in a series on How Coffee Can Change the World interesting.

One of the students in my memoir writing class recommended Citizens of London by Lynne Olson. I’ve just started it but recommend it as well. Well written and researched, it tells the behind the scenes story of London during World War II and three American expatriates – former NH governor John Gilbert Winant, industrialist W. Averell Harriman, a railroad baron and journalist Edward R. Murrow.

15 thoughts on “The Saturday Edition – What We’re Writing and Reading

    • I was also excited to see that information Lisa posted. The topic sounds like a great one & I’m hoping to check it out. I’ll have to ask her to post a reminder here on the blog! 🙂

  1. Very busy ladies! Great stuff. I’ve picked up on some of your other posts because of the fine work you do here on this site so I’m glad to see you’re posting links to other work so followers can see how diverse your talents are!
    As a regular follower to this site, I think adding this feature is fantastic. Freshens things up and gives us more to think about!
    Thank you for another excellent group post!

    • Thank you so much, Laura. So glad you like the idea and the additional content. I’m having great fun learning about what my fellow bloggers are up to outside our little Live-to-Write Write-to-Live world … such a diverse and talented group!

      Thanks again for your encouragement and feedback – SO helpful! 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback, Laura. I’m happy Jamie suggested it to the group – I think it’ll be great for everyone – us and you (our readers). We may blog together, but there’s a lot we don’t know about each other. 🙂

    • Thank you, and you’re welcome! 🙂

      There are so many wonderful and talented writers blogging about the art and the industry. They offer such a wealth of information … it’s really too good and demands to be shared!

      Appreciate the input and so glad to hear that you’re enjoying the format.

  2. I loved reading the Saturday Edition this morning! Each contributor posted something inspiring and useful. Thank you so much!

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