Blogging With Photos

A photo I took, cropped and resized for my post, January in Vermont.

A photo I took, cropped and resized for my post, January in Vermont.

These last few months have been an education in blogging with photos, starting with learning about the fair use of others’ images, sourcing free photos, and now taking my own photos and posting them on Living In Place and The Middle Ages.
Wordpress makes uploading media easy, and I thought I was doing a fine job until Codewryter, my web-designer, taught me a few tricks.
1. Keep images under 100kb, so that your webpage loads quickly.
Big files take a long time to load, and we all know our own impatience when we have to wait more than two blinks of an eye for anything online. Our readers have tremendous curiosity and dozens of interesting posts to choose from; having to wait for our page to load could cause a reader to click away.
2. Resize large photos.
There are lots of big programs for sale to help photographers manipulate images, but they’re costly and complicated for a shutterbug like me. I’ve been using to resize my files from Megabytes to Kilobytes. It’s a free program that allows you to edit your photos, including cropping, resizing, enhancing, and otherwise making your image look better. And it’s easy to use.
3. Identify your photos for ownership, for SEO and for the visually impaired.
Wordpress offers several fields to fill in whenever you add a photo to a post. For years, I just left the ones that didn’t auto-fill blank, but now I know better. Now, I always add at least a title and a description, and sometimes a caption as well. Not only do these make it easy for your readers to identify your images, they also help with Search Engine Optimization, which is how your readers find your work in the first place.
I’m sure there are more tricks, other programs, and new skills to learn about blogging with photos. What tricks, programs and skills can you share?

Cropped & resized photo using

Cropped & resized photo using

Deborah Lee Luskin writes to advance issues through narrative, telling stories to create change. She’s an award-winning novelist, a seasoned educator, a commentator on Vermont Public Radio, and a pen-for-hire.

28 thoughts on “Blogging With Photos

  1. Thanks for the tip about the captions. I have two favourite photo apps that I use – Camera+ for cropping, adding filters (such as sepia) and PicShop for resizing and adding words to the photo (there are several different fonts to use). I use these on my ipad.

    • I wouldn’t have described myself as a picture person before I was forced to learn, and I have to say, learning how to take and format photos for the blog has been fun. Best of all, I see the world a little differently now – always looking for the light. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    • I must have missed that post – or skipped it, because it was before I started adding my own photos – so I’ll definitely look it up. I’m always a bit awed at your strong, encompassing grasp of tools for the internet. And very grateful for how generously you share your knowledge. Thanks.

  2. Good advice on sizing the picture – remember that many of your readers are on mobile devices (phones, tablets) where size is an issue. and don’t go crazy with pictures – even just one adds so much but 20 is just a distraction. I’ve been using photos on my woodworking posts and try to only use 2 or 3 nice photos.

  3. That is really useful thank you. Definitely going back over old posts and editing information into the photo’s.

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