22 thoughts on “Why We Write

    • Yes, Michele, I find writing to be a dialogue that always brings me to resolution, even when I’m just writing in my journal!

  1. Love the analogy of going with the flow, like the waves in the ocean. I find when it comes to writing, even on “off” days, just start. Write anything. Write a word. And be gentle with yourself when you’re not in the most creative space!

    • Hi Sally,
      Yes! I am finding my way back to a regular writing practice after the holidays and have realized I need to go with the ebb and flow of my life–and my writing!

  2. Thank you for this! I have recently started adopting the perspective of “writing for myself” as a “trick” to get past any writer’s block. This quote is some insightful – and timely! I’ll no longer think of it as a “trick” but actually an integral part of the process.

  3. Thank you for post. Yes the more I write even in a journal note the more I will write in a day. It is a life force if part of who you are is a writer. Love the water image…….A RIVER OF LIFE.

    • HI Faye,
      I agree, the more I write in my journal, the more I write in other areas! Thanks for your comments. The picture is one I took at the beach last weekend. A cold, clear day at the ocean!

      Happy writing!


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