The thing about goals is …

Are you finding that you aren’t achieving any of the writing goals you’ve set for yourself?

Do you notice you have (valid) excuses for not being able to achieve your writing goals?

Do you find yourself answering the question, “So, what are you working on?” with “Nothing at the moment.”?

It can feel awkward and embarrassing, right?

Do you think you might want an easier path? An easier career?

When months go by and you aren’t making any strides toward accomplishing the goals you’ve set for yourself, consider that you don’t truly want to be a writer.

Because the bottom line is: writers write.

Writers find ways to carve out the time and do whatever it takes to reach their goals.

If You're Committed

If you’re not achieving what you set out for yourself earlier in the year, why not take now to recommit to those goals? Stop thinking something better or easier is what you want and take actions toward your current goals.

Test yourself and your passion toward being a writer. Recommit to your goals; test them. They will either feel right and re-ignite the flame, or they won’t.

The thing about goals is… you need to want them in order to achieve them.

I’m in this position at the moment, and am taking this moment on this blog to recommit to writing my fiction.

How about you? Do you need to recommit to your goals?

LisaJJackson_2014Lisa J. Jackson is an independent writer and editor who enjoys working with businesses of all sizes. You can connect with her on Twitter, FacebookGoogle+, and LinkedIn.

21 thoughts on “The thing about goals is …

  1. Thanks for the reminder…I’ve been doing too much putzing over the last 8 months and burning the candle at both ends and using that as an excuse. Oh sure, I’ve been writing, but not nearly as much as I should. This last week or so, been reviewing all my unfinished work and trying to prioritize what I need to finish and set some kind of schedule for myself that will work with whatever else I’ve got going on.
    It helps to read this blog. Gets me fired up. Thanks Lisa!

  2. I find this so relevant to me at the moment. I started a novel months ago…and when I say I started a novel I mean I wrote two-thousand words in one sitting and haven’t written anything since. But in my head, I still tell myself that I’m currently working on a novel…am I lying to myself? Your post has encouraged me to get back to it, and to actually work on this so called novel! Thank-you 🙂

  3. Right on, Lisa! This time of year always feels like a new beginning. So glad you are stepping back and looking at what you want to write.

    Happy writing!


  4. Yes, I feel like my writing goals are waning in significance…they just seem very far away, and I lack the motivation to achieve them. I am trying to write regularly though…But every time I do, instead of the zeal that

  5. I need to commit to determining which course of action to take on a novel. An editor edited the first 100 pages. It left me wondering how much more it will take in order to submit it. So now the question is: do I want to give myself to yet another revision after 10 years on this or let it go? I write nearly daily otherwise–at this point in my life, what matters most?

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